‚ÄčI would say 2016 has been both the happiest and saddest year of my life. I experienced pain I’ve never felt, love I didn’t think was possible and huge unexpected failures (not used to failing, so very humbling). Here’s a few lessons i’ve learned and things i’m taking into 2017: 

1. I can’t be all things to all people at all time, no matter how much i try (i’ve been working on this quite a few years, but i truly get it now) 

2. Not every door that’s opened is meant for me to walk through 

3. I understand sometimes people just won’t understand.

4. Before making any commitments/decisions I must consult God and my husband. 

5. It’s okay to say No (another one i’ve been working on for some time now) 

6. Happiness is a choice 

7. Being spread too thin doesn’t help me or anybody else 

8. God never makes mistakes and His mercy is truly abundant 

9. If I try to do it with my own will I’m limited to what I can achieve 

10. A balanced life can only be achieved if I put God first, family second and let that order dictate everything else. 

Looking forward to more growth, love & laughter in 2017

Written by: Mrs. McNeill 



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