Do you know where you are?

Are you aware that what you believe is what you achieve?

What are you aiming for?  Are you hitting the mark?  If not…Check your aim again.

intentionalTake a look at your circle.  Are you the most anointed, gifted or successful? Ask yourself this: Am I a placeholder? Do people give at this same level that I give? Am I operating according to my ability?

Change is necessary and change is allowed – Why are you so committed to being miserable, average, or used?

What do you think you offer that makes people follow you?

Reposition yourself.  Don’t be a “responder” of money – you know what “THAT” is called, right?

Feed my future and I will follow you.

Your future is in front of you not behind you.

Commit to being intentionally on purpose.

Amazing people don’t just happen – They are ALWAYS…OnPurpose!!



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