“Good Success.”

“Good Success.”

Almost everyone in this world wants to be successful, and by the world system, many appear to be. But, according to God’s Word, success is referred to as “good success” (Joshua 1:8 amp). It is God’s will that the believer come in to good success and not just success.

Every one of us wants the taste of success, and we live our whole lives chasing success as the world presents it. Success, the world’s way, is packaged nicely on the outside. The trimmings and bows on a package may make it look enticing, but the contents may not match up to that which is on the outside.

Too many times we continue to base our future on empty promises made by men who hold a position in society.

I want to encourage you to take God at his Word, because his Word tells us that everything will pass away but not one dot from his Word will pass away, and this, my friends, is a promise beyond promises (Matthew 24:35 amp ).

After God lays out the plan and equips us with the promise, he will most definitely give us the instructions to make that plan a success.

The key to possessing our promise is really remaining confident in his ability to bring it to pass, as opposed to our own abilities.

In order to remain confident in God’s abilities to bring the promises to pass, we have to focus, ponder, think about, and speak the promises. This principle was laid down from very early on in God’s Word and it has not changed. It is we who are changing because of the inability to maintain consistency in right believing.

Somehow man’s opinions and thoughts and strategies seem to take the forefront and God’s Word and promises become the last resort in the backup plan. Sometimes, unless we exhaust all our resources and truly come to the end of ourselves, we will not truly be able to embrace God and his Word as the priority in our lives. My friends, I want to encourage you to take God’s instruction first in your life, and I assure you that the results of good success will most definitely manifest!

Power Thought: I am not interested in success, but I will experience good success because I will follow the God-pattern for good success.

Seeking GOOD success through Jesus…OnPurpose!!


Success is Intentional!

Success is Intentional!

Do you know where you are?

Are you aware that what you believe is what you achieve?

What are you aiming for?  Are you hitting the mark?  If not…Check your aim again.

intentionalTake a look at your circle.  Are you the most anointed, gifted or successful? Ask yourself this: Am I a placeholder? Do people give at this same level that I give? Am I operating according to my ability?

Change is necessary and change is allowed – Why are you so committed to being miserable, average, or used?

What do you think you offer that makes people follow you?

Reposition yourself.  Don’t be a “responder” of money – you know what “THAT” is called, right?

Feed my future and I will follow you.

Your future is in front of you not behind you.

Commit to being intentionally on purpose.

Amazing people don’t just happen – They are ALWAYS…OnPurpose!!