Who are YOU listening to?


Lack of proper training will distort your destiny by way of your hearing.

Genesis 3:1-10

I can’t let my enemy be wiser than me!

Listening to a #truth from the perspective of a liar is detrimental to my purpose.

I’m understanding the subtlety of conversations that are designed to distort my #vision. Goes back to yesterday’s lesson: what you hear paints a picture in your mind as to what you see.

Vs. 3 – Eve saw the tree as bad because of what God said.

Vs. 6 – Eve heard the serpent then her perception was altered (what am I listening to? Is it changing my focus?)

What I’m hearing/listening to has the potential to change how I see my assignment. 

It may not be harmful for you…but with where I am on my journey – “I will surely die”

Don’t follow the voice of “The Liar!”

The rules were different for the serpent – his destiny wasn’t the same as Eve’s – the same is true today.

Thank you Pastor Jay Patrick 

#Listening… #OnPurpose



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