Ask God to help you keep your heart gentle. Talk to Him about times when you haven’t had a heart of gentleness, and ask for His forgiveness.

Place a small amount of flour in one brown paper bag and rocks or gravel in another. Without their knowing what is inside, have another family member guess, then reach into one bag at a time and describe how the contents feel.

Both bags look exactly the same on the outside, but the contents of one are soft, while the contents of the other are hard. People are like these bags — you can’t always tell what’s on the inside. You learn in 1 Samuel 16:7 that “man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” God knows you can use your outward appearance — how you act and what you say — to cover up what’s really inside, just like the bags covered their contents. You might act kind and gentle but have bad attitudes or mean thoughts. While God wants you to be gentle on the outside, He also wants your heart to be gentle. When your heart is full of gentleness, God can use you to bless others.

– Who is someone you know with a gentle heart? What do you like about this person?
– Who is someone you know with a hard heart? How does this person treat you?
– What causes your heart to become hard?
– What are some ways you can keep your heart soft?


Who are YOU listening to?


Lack of proper training will distort your destiny by way of your hearing.

Genesis 3:1-10

I can’t let my enemy be wiser than me!

Listening to a #truth from the perspective of a liar is detrimental to my purpose.

I’m understanding the subtlety of conversations that are designed to distort my #vision. Goes back to yesterday’s lesson: what you hear paints a picture in your mind as to what you see.

Vs. 3 – Eve saw the tree as bad because of what God said.

Vs. 6 – Eve heard the serpent then her perception was altered (what am I listening to? Is it changing my focus?)

What I’m hearing/listening to has the potential to change how I see my assignment. 

It may not be harmful for you…but with where I am on my journey – “I will surely die”

Don’t follow the voice of “The Liar!”

The rules were different for the serpent – his destiny wasn’t the same as Eve’s – the same is true today.

Thank you Pastor Jay Patrick 

#Listening… #OnPurpose