Who ME?

He Wants to Meet with You!

“It was necessary for Him to go through Samaria.”
John 4:4 AMP

This verse alone shows us just how intentional Jesus was. Jesus needed to go through Samaria to meet with this woman. This woman didn’t have a clue that she was on the Lord’s mind, but from the moment she left her house and as she was going through the motions of her day, she was on the mind of Jesus. Yet she never knew that the Lord wanted to meet with her.

It’s the same with every one of us, we are on His mind and He desires to meet with us each day. How amazing is that?

It is necessary for the Lord to meet with you. It is of great importance to Him. An encounter with God doesn’t just happen in the four walls of a church or when a special song is playing. You can encounter God each day of your life, wherever you are. You just have to be open.

An encounter with God is the fuel that enables us to continue our days and to live wholeheartedly for Him. An encounter with God ignites us to live as our greatest selves through Him and it affirms us by reminding us of who we are in Him.

An encounter with God is the key to freedom from the things that hold us down. He knows you, sees you and there is not a moment when you are not on His mind! God hasn’t forgotten you and He has never left you.

When you come to Him, He will not reject you! This is the truth. The enemy can use faults and failures to stop you from encountering the Lord, but today, you can go boldly before Him, transparent and surrendered and meet with Him again.


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