NOT a business deal…

Our Relationships With God Is NOT A Business Deal

People often treat their relationship with God like a business transaction. We say, “Okay God, I’ll give you this and you’ll owe me that. Deal?” But our relationship with God is not a professional contract. It’s a personal relationship. Jesus addressed this issue in the parable of the prodigal son.

Take some time to read the story in Luke 15:11-32. One of the most important characters in this story is the older brother. Some people have an easier time identifying with the older brother than with the prodigal son. Like the older brother, maybe you feel like you have served your heavenly Father your entire life. You attend church every week, you tithe ten percent of your income, and you volunteer to help the poor and needy. Unfortunately, sometimes people who feel this way often make the mistake of believing that their actions earn God’s favor; as though they have God on the hook!

This is exactly how the older brother felt. He believed that his father owed him for not turning his back on the family and living a life of sin like his younger brother had done. He thought he had his father on the hook. What was the older brother’s mistake? He did not have a loving relationship with his father. He neither truly loved his father, nor did he truly enjoy the love that his father had for him.

When you are in a loving relationship with your heavenly Father, you realize that you cannot earn the love and grace that He freely gives to you. God does not love you because of your actions, but because you are His child!

Prayer for the day:

Thank God for loving you freely, and not because of your actions. Ask Him to help you live in a loving relationship with Him.


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