Why I Write…

You’ve had your moment of frustration and you were allowed it.  BUT NOW, it’s time to work!!  They need you to FOCUS!!

Write the vision, make it plain! Habakkuk 2:2

  1. Write your plan (Business, Personal, Spiritual or Other)
  2. Execute it (Do, Be, MOVE or Something)
  3. Share what works with you brother/sister (It Worked – Teach; It didn’t work – Guide)
  4. Help them #1 & #2
  5. Repeat

I started writing intentionally nine years ago.  I had a full journal every 30 days.  I would randomly grab one a read it like a novel and think…surely I am off my rocker…there is no way I WROTE THAT.  I would write to ease the pressure in my head and heart.  I would be so full of information and feelings that I felt confused most of the time.  I was an abused child so I was introverted and in my mind very shy.  Friends and family didn’t recognize it because I joked alot…that was a coping mechonism…I hide behind the pain of my jokes.  When I would write – I could be honest and transparent, no one could judge me.  Writing became therapeutic and it was fun.  Some of the most painful times of my life are my greatest stories of victory, healing and the evidence of Jesus Christ.

In 2007 – I started Blogging and joined Facebook; 2015 – Moved back to California and my mom passed away…all I could do was WRITE…it all that I had…until I Got OnPurpose.

OnPurpose is all about DOING & BEING with INTENTION.  It’s an alignment of HEART & SOUL to make a difference each day with IMPACT.