Perfect Will of God 

Perfect Will of God 

Whatever God has spoken to you, hold on to it for dear life. It will be light for you and will help you see your way out. It will carry you to the safest place you can ever be, called the “Perfect Will of God”.


It’s a 6, not it’s not, it’s a 9…it’s both!

​#Perception is powerful! Our actions are determined by how we #perceive things; what we think, hear or see. Yet, our perception of events, words, and expecially people can be entirely wrong. Why?

Because through the senses (see hear, taste smell, feel);  there is potential for error. 

Until our mind is completely #renewed our perception has potential for distortion.

Rom 12:2: And do not be #conformed to this world, but be #transformed by the #renewing of your #mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of #God.

Just for fun…when a disagreement comes up in the next 7 days, try leading yourself to the other side of the situation – You might find that they are not wrong – they are just in a different place than YOU!  You are not wrong, you’re in a different place than THEM! 

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Being Michelle…OnPurpose♡