Who are you following?

Following the Rabbi

My brother Jim has a way with dogs. We call him the family dog whisperer. In addition to curing our pets of their various bad behaviors, he has helped other people’s dogs. His secret weapon comes from the fact that he knows dogs are pack animals in search of a strong pack leader. Without one, dogs often become anxious, neurotic, or aggressive. So he becomes their pack leader. Once the dogs sense that he has taken this role, they begin to calm down and get into line. Sensing his energy, they become both peaceable and teachable, and it is amazing how well they get along with each other and how quickly they change.

Though humans are not dogs, we too need a leader whose energy can lead us toward greater peace and freedom. In the Jewish world of Jesus, it was customary for disciples to follow their rabbi so closely that they got covered in the dust from his footsteps as he walked up the sandy path ahead of them. They wanted to hear every word, to understand every instruction, to stay close to their rabbi as he led the way. Following him continuously, they not only listened to what their rabbi said. They watched what he did and the way he reacted. Their goal was to become as much like him as possible because they believed he was living a life that pleased God.

That’s how we should think about our relationship with Christ. Jesus is our Rabbi, the one who shows us what it means to live the God-blessed life. Remember his words to his disciples: “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me” (John 14:6).

When we follow Jesus, our Rabbi, and stay close to him, we begin to calm down. We become more peaceful because we let go of our pretensions to rule the universe. We stop trying to do the impossible, such as seeing the future or controlling every circumstance. We leave what belongs to God in God’s hands. We also listen for his voice because we know that Jesus can help us navigate our present. Following him makes us peaceable and teachable, even in the most unpredictable and frightening of circumstances.


The Refiners Fire

The Refiners Fire



The most beautiful people you know have experienced deep pain. When gold or silver is being refined, the metals are heated to an intensely high temperature and the impurities are sloughed off, leaving only pure metal behind. When extreme pressure is applied to coal for a long period of time, it becomes a diamond. In the same way, when we walk through fire or pressure, what’s left is breathtaking and beautiful.

People who have grown in God through intense suffering become a blessing to everyone they encounter. They fill a room with a sweet fragrance similar to Mary’s perfume from her alabaster box. They radiate a joy and strength that seems unshakable and is founded on truth rather than circumstance. They have a deep peace, they’re secure in who they are, and they love people well. The refining fire of suffering has removed the impurities that kept them from fully radiating God’s love. God transforms deep pain into deep beauty.

Refined by fire…OnPurpose!!!

God can’t heal what you hide…

“When you are VULNERABLE to share your wounds, you make it easier for OTHERS to go PUBLIC with their own.

When you embrace your #SCARS & your #BROKENNESS, they no longer #CONTROL you. You #BREAK the power of fear & you take full #RESPONSIBILITY for your life.

Being #OPEN & #HONEST allows you to write your own script. We all have things we would want to keep #HIDDEN, but hiding keeps you from #WHOLENESS.

#TRANSPARENCY is the best #REALITY show there will ever be, walk in your #TRUTH.

To thyself be true, who are you?”

Why are you hiding?

#Truth #Healing #Identity #Wholeness #Love #Freedom

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Toxic People & Relationships

Read:  John 13:1-17

When you look for toxic people in the gospel, your eyes might land on Herod, Pilate, the religious leaders or Judas.  There is something horrifying about Judas – he is a disciple, Jesus chose him as one of the twelve, he is a friend, a companion over the three years of Jesus’ ministry.

Toxic people are inevitable. How do you deal with them? How did Jesus deal with Judas?

Jesus’ way of dealing with toxic people was to serve them, show them love, and welcome them in.  If we are to follow Jesus, this is how we should deal with toxic people!  Jesus says: “do this in remembrance of me” as He ate with a toxic person.

What is our purpose? Is it to change the toxic person or is it to be like Jesus?  No, It is not to change people – it is right after this that Jesus frees him to betray Him.  It is our goal to be like Jesus and let God change your Judas (toxic people.)

How do you identify or recognize  your Judas (Toxic People)?

  1. Toxic People – keep you guessing about which version of them you’re getting.
  2. Toxic People – manipulate.
  3. Toxic People – won’t own their feelings.
  4. Toxic People – make you prove yourself to them.
  5. Toxic People – never apologize.
  6. Toxic People – are there in a crisis but never ever share in your joy.
  7. Toxic People – leave a conversation unfinished – and then go offline and hide.
  8. Toxic People – use non-toxic words with a toxic tone.
  9. Toxic People – bring irrelevant detail into conversations.
  10. Toxic People – make it about the way you’re talking, rather than what you’re talking about.
  11. Toxic People – exaggerate.
  12. Toxic People – are judgmental.

It doesn’t have to be all these things…It could be just one.

What you should do?  How to I graud myself from Judas (Toxic People)?

  1. Squash Negative –Talk
  2. Set Limits (Especially with Complainers)
  3. Rise Above
  4. Stay Aware of those Emotions
  5. Establish Boundaries and STICK WITH THEM
  6. Don’t Let Anyone Limit You Joy
  7. Don’t Focus on them as a Problem—Focus on you as a Solution
  8. Use A Support System – Surround yourself with positive uplifting people who show you love and support.

Pray this prayer with me:

Father God, I blind my own role in any and all toxic relationships.  Help me see the truth about myself. Apply the healing power of Your Word to my heart and mind.  Deliver me from any stronghold that causes me to harm people with my words and actions.  Save me from self-destructive patterns.

I struggle in my relationship with ______. I need You to give me wisdom on how to love ____ well.  You are my shield and defender. Show me how, when and where to erect boundaries in our relationship.  I believe You are my healer and I trust You to guard my heart and mind.

I need Your specific directions on how to interact with ______.

I want to love _____ with a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith. (1 Timothy 1:5)

Help me to love ______ courageously.  Fill me with Your truth and compel me to fearlessly tell the truth with love. Let Your perfect love cast out all of my fears related to our relationship.

I forgive ______ for hurting me. I ask You to forgive me for _______ and _______. I acknowledge my emotions: _______, _________, and _______. And I invite You to steady my heart so my emotions do not rule my decisions.  I surrender what I think our relationship should be. Please transform it so that it honors You.

In Jesus matchless name, I pray. Amen!!

Written by: The “Butterfly”

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good…OnPurpose!

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

2 Corinthians 12:9, (ESV)
But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. MS Dana

Now – Resting comfortably. Smiling. 😄


I’ve nothing but gratitude for where I am in life, today. I’m living my best and greatest life NOW! Every single day, every single second, minute, and hour. Whether things are up or down, great or disastrous, I’M CHOOSING MY RESPONSE – CHOOSING HOW I AM SHOWING UP, WITH OR WITHOUT… AND CHOOSING TO BE AND STAY GRATEFUL, BECAUSE GOD HAS BEEN SO ~FAITHFUL~ TO ME.

-Exhausted beyond belief, but no complaints and no regrets. Did everything I was meant to do, this week. Spent time with many of my loved ones in both good and not so good settings. Still we count it ~ALL JOY~

I am sooo glad the Lord is my Strength. God has me. He’s my Gentle Friend, my Provider, my Faithful Lord, -He’s my Everything. My mother is my Rock, my Caretaker, my Accountability Partner, my Prayer Partner, and overall – MY BEST FRIEND, and my Beautiful, Kindhearted, and Very Concerned Gurlz are my 2 very courageous Strong Anchors. Feels sooooooooooooo good to be loved, thought of well, supported, and cared for.

Even when I have days/moments I can’t return the favor. It’s just nice to know I’m safe and they really are for me and the improvement of my health. I HAVE THE MOST AWESOME, AND GREATEST MOM/DAUGHTERS IN THE WORLD. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE MY FAMILY!!! ~RELATIONSHIPS MATTER MOST~

Also sending up praises to God who is my Covering. He blessed me to receive the medication which is designed to help me in regaining my ability to walk stably again and maintain balance. Started my treatment, today. Yitideeeeee!!! I thank God for all my doctors, my neurologist, the supportive Bioservices pharmacists/staff, MSLines, MSAA, my nurse and all the MS Ambassadors who have reached out to encourage me through their own stories. -And a whoooooooole host of loved ones who are praying for and rooting for me – believing with me in that TODAY, IN THE NAME OF JESUS, I STAND HEALED. What a wonderful club I have been inducted into. The Faith Walker’s Club. Truly, makes life worth living, seeing, and experiencing EVERYDAY.  I’m taking it all in. ❤️❤️❤️ #noregrets #livingwell #livingwhole #fearlesslyandwonderfullymadeinGod

Soon we’ll be in our NEW BODIES. Looking forward to the Day we see Jesus face to face and kiss Him, fall to our feet, and thank a Him for all He’s been to us, done for us and given us in this life and in our next life – spending eternality with Him and His Father in heaven. Soon we’ll be home with our Lord and Savior. #notofthisworld #sufferwell


Blessings, Dana

A prayer for you: I love you, Lord Jesus.  This physical pain is tearing away at my heart, mind, and soul.  I can’t think straight.  I can’t feel any emotion except depression.  I know you are real but whatever presence you had in my heart isn’t there at the moment.  Although I cannot sense your presence right now, in what little faith I have, I proclaim you as God of the universe and as my Lord and Savior.  In all the power you have, help me put a wall between the pain and what the pain tries to do to my heart, mind, and soul.  In your power of grace and love, help me put a wall between this pain and my depression. In your power of grace and love, help me put a wall between this pain and my lack of motivation and inspiration.  In your power of grace and love, help me put a wall between this pain and my soul aching for your healing hand.  May the evil power causing my pain be forever shielded from me.  May I be able to laugh, live, and be free, even in the dark moments when this pain may try to take me down.  By your power I refuse to lose and let this pain do anything to me.  By your power I refuse to lose to this pain.  By your power I refuse to lose contact with you because of this pain.  By your power I refuse to lose and knuckle under to this pain.  By your power, love, grace, and will, help me see you, Precious Lord Jesus, Precious Father God, Precious Holy Spirit, Precious Blessed Virgin Mary, and your wonderful earthly father Joseph.  As a group, standing all around me, may all of you please place your hands upon me and infuse the healing power of your love into my heart, mind, soul, and body.  All these things I humbly pray in the name of my most Blessed Lord Jesus Christ, my Mighty God, and my Ever-present Holy Spirit upon whom I can rely.  Amen!!

In case you don’t know – Read about MS

Dana is Living with MS…OnPurpose!  You are COVERED by THE BLOOD!!

FOCUS on the PLAN not the PAIN

FocusRevelation 12:2  – She was pregnant and cried out in pain as she was about to give birth.

God has ordered my steps [Destiny] but I get to decide my stride [How long it will take to get there].

Labor and Delivery units have rules and regulations – there is no room for onlookers, nay-sayers or dream killers.  Who are you taking with you in the delivery room…Only one person can go?  It needs to be someone who had been in there before…a “coach”! Someone that had successfully came out of the birthing process with knowledge and understanding and could aid in the time of travailing.  Someone who knows first hand what was about to happen.

It hurts to win!  Until you have experienced it [Winning] you will not understand that painful process.  Success or Winning is INTENTIONAL, it gives at the level that you give, it’s in accordance with your ability, it requires TRANSFORMATION of self, change is absolutely necessary to get to the next level and change can be very painful.

What are you about to birth?  Do you have a due date in mind?  Have you decided to become loyal to your future and abandon your past?  Who is defining who you are today?  What is next for you?

As you expand your territory – EXPECT demons – the PAIN will “feel” like it is going to kill you…it wont!  There will be storms, take an unbrella.  There will be walls, learn to scale them.  There will be barriers, speak to them and demand they MOVE!  There is a POINT to the PAIN – FOCUS on the POINT [Destiny] and not the PAIN!  At the end of the day, you wont remember the PAIN because you will have a 7 lb. 6 oz. PLAN in your arms.  It will be just for you…to nurture, develop and love – it will grow into Jeremiah 29:11 ~ For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you HOPE and a FUTURE.

Have an expectation greater that “THAT” – Dream BIGGER! Expect GREATER! Get INTENTIONAL! TRAVAIL…and get ready to PUSH!

Lord and Savior – I kneel in prayer in my heart.  You are precious to me and I adore you.
Words cannot express my gratitude for your sacrifice for me on the Cross.
During the coming days I will need your help to live each day because I am in great pain.
During the coming days I shall PUSH ahead as I let you lead me and guide me in spite of the hurt I feel.  During the coming days may all things be made new through you as I seek ways to live in spite of the pain assaulting me every hour.
In your presence, I find a reason to live no matter how much pain I feel.
In your kingdom on earth, I shall carry on the work you have begun in me.  Inspire in me an open heart and give me a mind to glorify your name in every adversity.  These things I pray in Jesus’ name, AMEN!!

Written by: The “Butterfly”

Pushing pass the PAIN…OnPurpose!

It is part of the plot…Wait for IT!

romans 12 2

Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. ~Romans 12:2 ESV

Depression may explain wrong behavior, but it never excuses it. We live in a real world with real problems. How we deal with these problems is up to us. Sometimes we do things while in a state of depression and emotional pain, hoping to find sympathy, and we find none.

If you’re feeling depressed and anxious, do what you must do to get well. Take a day off, take a break, go and scream in the car if you have to, talk to a friend, receive treatment. Do what you must to feel like yourself again. Life can be hard, but you can handle it. With God’s help, you can make right choices.

The enemy will tell you there’s no way out, he will try to convince you that things will never get better, but that is when you must receive the truth of God’s word. He is God, and nothing is too hard for Him. He can help you change. You may not change overnight, but change can take place in your life.

What if the caterpillar became depressed because it wasn’t yet a butterfly? A caterpillar may be how you’ve started, but you are destined to be transformed into a beautiful butterfly. The work that God has started in you, He will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ’s return for you.

This is my post from June 10, 2015 – I had no idea, but God did!!

Thank you Jesus!!!

Being Michelle, the “BUTTERFLY”…OnPurpose!