Are you?

​When you complain and do nothing about your complaint, you have chosen your fate. 

For some people, complaining is their greatest strength. 

Be it unconsciously or consciously these folks are only drawing you into their “Vortex of Chaos” and that is very selfish.

The reality is some people don’t want solutions; misery loves company. Be careful not to entertain these activities.

The best thing you can do for yourself and them is plant a seed and walk away. It may not be in the plans for you to witness the fruit of those seeds. 

A very hard lesson I’ve been in the processes of learning is, this is a very loving act! 

Don’t expect others to understand but always seek to do what’s best in the grand scheme of things.

It’s okay to love from afar. As long as you love.

Are you one of those persons? Do you know one of those people?

Impacting Others…OnPurpose!

Credit to my brother: Turner Roberts IV