What shall you eat?

Are you hungry?

The disciples had fished all night and caught no fish. At sunrise, they saw a man on the shore who called out to them about their success. Then he suggested they try fishing on the other side of the boat, after which they hauled in a great catch (vv 4-6). Knowing they were hungry he offered to feed them.

Have you ever worked and labored over a task only to accomplish nothing? It probably felt good when you were called to come inside for supper and you could leave your task behind for a while; weary souls need time to refresh.

Some things to ponderナ?

1. When you see someone who is weary are you willing to help them refresh?

2. Try this – the next time an opportunity arises to encourage someone who is weary, do it.


“Know the Lord is with you.”

“Know the Lord is with you.”

One of the most important keys to fulfilling your God-purpose is knowing that the Lord is with you. It is an awesome feeling to know you have support in the natural sphere of life like family, friends, coworkers, peers, and acquaintances, and be that as it may, the ingredient in making this phase perfect is knowing that the Creator of the universe, the one who brings the world as we know it into existence out of non-existence goes before you and backs you up. With this kind of knowledge, there is no way to fail, but there is an assurance that the very purpose you were created for will come to be a reality, because the one who authored it is with you.

As I have explored the Bible about the lives of many men and women God chose to use, I found that the common denominator was that the Lord was with them. God used ordinary, and even the least of men, and women to accomplish great feats that would preserve future generations. They had faults and flaws; however, these short comings did not keep them from accomplishing their God-purpose. We must remember; in order to fulfill the God-purpose, we must have God in it.

My friends, the present situations that we face in our lives should not deter us from fulfilling the God-purpose because we as believers are equipped with the assurance of knowing that God is with us. Being able to fulfill the God-purpose in our lives may never happen the way we think it should happen, but when we know the Lord is with us, it does not matter how it is going to happen, but, rather, it matters that we know who is with us while it is happening.

Power Thought: I am determined to fulfill my God-purpose – not in my strength and abilities, but in the Lord’s strength and abilities.

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