What kind of friend are you?

There are friends, and then there are モrealヤ friends. When Job’s friends heard about his troubles, they dropped everything and came to be with him. For seven days they said nothing; they just shared with Job in his suffering.

Some things to ponder:

1. Would you go sit with a friend to provide a “ministry of presence” or would you leave that for others to do?

2. What roadblocks keep you from giving of yourself to your friends?


H.O.T. Trust

H.O.T. Trust


Trust is a HUGE factor in friendships!  Time will tell you just about anything:  the truth or correctness of something will (only) be established at some time in the future.

I have a few serious friend-friends.  People that I am 100% Honest ~ Open ~ Transparent with.  I am comfortable calling them out on their “mess” and they are obligated to call me out on mine.  Our agreement is: “If you care about me, then you have a RIGHT to call me out.”

If you are in a relationship/friendship where you are lying to keep the peace – it is only a matter of time…some time in the future you will be tried and tested.

Life is short!  Get Real, Get Right, Get H.O.T…OnPurpose!!