My Name Is the Enemy of God

My Name Is the Enemy of God

According to Romans 5:1-11, each of us is either God’s child or God’s enemy. Paul’s words offer reassurance to suffering Christians. He wants his readers to know that their misery doesn’t signify that God has rejected them. The apostle reasons that, if Jesus died for us when we were still God’s enemies, he certainly won’t abandon us after we’ve joined his side (see v. 10).

As God’s children we begin to recognize that the path of trials, when traveled with perseverance, improves our character. And God is more interested in our character than in our comfort. Our improved character may be identified as an informed hope and a deepened experience of God’s love (see vv. 3-5). That Christ lives in us becomes apparent when our endurance of suffering differs from that of an unbeliever.

As children of God, we don’t have to react negatively and powerlessly to changing circumstances. Instead, we can respond positively and proactively to Jesus Christ. This new capacity isn’t our creation but God’s. Jesus made this attitude possible at the point where we were most incapacitated, at our worst rather than at our best (see v. 6). Understanding that Jesus came to restore relationships, not to establish another religion, is the key to enjoying reconciliation. As we grow in our relationship to him, God removes anything in us that has separated us from him (see vv. 9-11).

Jesus died for our sins once and for all (see Hebrews 7:27). And he did this while we were helpless, ungodly sinners and enemies of God. Therefore, we can pray confidently, knowing that God’s love for us can’t be diminished by any failure on our part. We can pray for direction and power, knowing that, since we have already “been reconciled,” there’s no doubt that we’ll “be saved through his life” (Romans 5:10).


In Christ There is Freedom

Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom. – 2 Corinthians 3:17

Imagine this scene: A broken man awakens one morning with no options.
Hopeless, owning nothing but an empty stomach, he stands starkly upon the auctioneer’s block as a slave. Shoulders slumped, pride stripped away, gaunt eyes staring aimlessly into the distance, his ashen face conveys only shame.

Suddenly, a man with gentle eyes appears, and this man sees value and potential in this broken man. “Did I see a spark of something in that man’s eyes?” the slave wonders. It couldn’t be, but his hope rises as the gentle man pays the price, brings him home, clothes him, and feeds him richly. His master does love him!

Do you recognize this picture? I hope so. It’s a picture of your life in Christ. You and I were once slaves on the auction block of sin. We stood broken by sin. Yet our loving and gentle Master—for reasons we may never know, and for reasons not found in us—saw value in us. And He paid for our freedom with His own blood, on a cross.

Through Jesus Christ, we’ve been freed from bondage. But that’s not the end, only the beginning. We must move on and ask the question, “What have we been freed for?” The answer: for Jesus Christ!

We’ve been freed by Christ, for Christ. That is, so we might serve Him, praise Him, and give Him glory.

God’s purpose in redeeming men from sin is not to give them freedom to do as they please but freedom to do as He pleases, which is to live righteously.

– Steve Arterburn

Father God, I thank you that in you I am free, no longer bound by the chains of my sin. I surrender my life to you, Lord and pray your will be done in and through my life. Amen.

The Spirit of FREEDOM

Every child grows up with rules but these are not intended to cause restriction. We are meant to learn the appropriate way to live and respond to others around us. The more we automatically live by these boundaries, the more freedom we experience. We usually only feel the restrictions with the boundaries we don’t want to keep.

God gives all of us boundaries so that we can experience true freedom in our lives. The more we love Him, the more these boundaries are automatic for us. We only feel the restriction of the boundaries we want to break. A rebellious community is not a free community. They are bound by their wickedness.

The Holy Spirit wishes to lead us in a loving relationship with God the Father. He wants to write the law of God on our hearts (conscience) so we have a willingness to live a life that pleases God.

When we love God from the heart we don’t need a rule book for life, because we automatically live the rule book of life.

In the early stages of Christianity there is a strange tension going on. We experience an incredible friendship with a loving God but also feel the need to change some of our behavior. It’s easy to focus on the things we should say no to instead of focusing on saying yes to what the Spirit of God is desiring of us.

I am most free when I am most like God.

Am I more focused on what I need to change or on friendship with God?

Father, thank you for saving me and wanting relationship with me. Help me to focus more on my relationship with You than on all the things I need to change. Lead me by Your Spirit into all the changes You have for me. Amen.

That is not yours…Put “IT” down, NOW!

That is not yours…Put “IT” down, NOW!

Mephibosheth’s nurse took him and fled in panic. In her haste, the child had fallen, or been dropped upon fleeing. Since then, he was unable to walk. 2 Samuel 9 paraphrased

It’s  not always your fault…
It’s not always a result of something YOU have done…
It’s not always a result of something YOU didn’t do…
Sometimes your #Purpose is in direct correlation to what someone else has done, not done or is doing to you!! 

gods-planBe encouraged…God knew – God knows – God had YOU and YOUR purpose built-in to the very thing you thought was going destroy you.  Don’t let that “THING” keep you from living out your deams…let IT cause you to DREAM BIGGER, DREAM IN COLOR, DREAM IMPOSSIBLE DREAMS but what ever you do…DON’T LET “IT” paralyze you!!

Lord, you promised that when I seek You with all our heart, I will find You.
I seek only after You.
Still my troubled heart.
Calm my wayward mind.
I seek only after You.
I’m never going to be able to figure this out on my own,
And right now I’m leaning heavily on You.
I seek only after You.
I give you all the anxieties and fears I feel inside
I release them all to You
I seek only after You.
I open up my life
So that it becomes like an open book before You
May You write in it Your words of inspiration and direction.
Still my troubled heart.
Calm my wayward mind.
I seek only after You.
I await Your voice.

There is a King/Queen built inside you…Set IT free and BE who God created YOU to BE…OnPurpose!!

A thank you prayer to the LORD

Lord I come before You, desiring to provide thanks.
Father, I have so much to be thankful for, things unseen and seen, that You have done in my life.
Lord, mostly I am thankful for the relationship that I have with You.
Lord, You initiated this relationship, by what Your Son endeavored to accomplish, paying the price for my sin, redeeming and reconciling me.
Dear Heavenly Father, You know the times I have been ungrateful, held ill thoughts toward You and my fellow humans.
You know the times I complain and grumble about life and its circumstances, about suffering, going through what seem endless trials and tribulations.
Even yielding my members to unholy deeds.
Yet God You are and always will be there with me, even when it seems like I am forever in the wilderness, running further and further from You, You, my God are there guiding me back to Your loving arms.
I am thankful Lord for everything that You allow to cross my path.
Thankful for the decisions that You allow me to make and the lessons that come from these decisions.
I’m thankful, Lord, that I do not have to live under condemnation anymore, that You have truly set me free, that I am a new creation that I need not live under the law anymore.
Thankful Lord that You have given me joy unspeakable.
Thankful Lord that You are long suffering, allowing me to mature in You!
Lord, words do not express my thankfulness.
For Your mighty power is at work in me, transforming me, renewing my mind.
To You Lord belong thanks eternal.
In Jesus’ name, amen.
First written 6/17/10 – Michelle
Re-posted 6/17/16 – The Butterfly