“Choices determine the consequences.”

“Choices determine the consequences.”

One of most powerful attributes of the individual is the power to choose. We are faced with choices all the time, and these choices determine the consequences.

At some point in our lives, if we want to see the victory manifested that Christ already died to give us, we will have to make a stand for God.

The reason the believer is blessed is because they refuse to follow the advice or take council from ungodly men.

God would rather we live in the supernatural, seeing his goodness and power all the time in small portions, and this is how we learn to trust him and remain in him, grounded and unshakable.

Key – We must find delight in and desire the Word of God.

God’s intent from the beginning was for man to operate from a position of victory and rest instead of hard, laborious work. God wanted us to enjoy what we do and He did not want us to be under bondage or commitment by force. He wanted us to choose to serve him from a position of joy and free will. Jesus’s finished work at the cross has put us back to that position.

When Jesus moves into our heart, he equips us with everything necessary to please him. Once this truth is established in our lives that God calls us to be in relationship with him, then he enables us to please him. With this mindset embedded in us, we can now look to the Word with excitement and enthusiasm.

As we meditate on God’s promises, it seems as if the canvas of life comes alive with radiant colors that not only change our world but the world of others around us.

Power Thought: I understand that my choices today will determine consequences so I desire and delight in the Word of God.

Choose wisely…OnPurpose!


Galatians 6:9 ~ And let us not grow weary of doing good, for in due season we will reap, if we do not give up.

Life is about choices and relationships. Often when we reflect on these decisions we see how the trajectory of our lives are impacted by people. Too often we choose to fight for those that should go and not fight for those that should stay. Then when the damage is done and hind sight is kicking you in the behind we invest energies in regret and should have would haves. That time has passed move on, learn, grow and make better choices. More than ever we are witness that time is not our friend. Each day turns to weeks and then years and we are still hung up on the hurts and disappointments. When will you turn the mind set around, clean house, be accountable and walk into a healthier space, possess the promises and successes. Don’t let the past detour the future and fight hard for those who are worthy to call you friend and release those that aren’t. It’s time! Be wise! Choose love! I want you to win. 

Pray this prayer with me: Lord, Be a fence all around me everyday, In Jesus’ name, AMEN!

Written by: Cybill

I want to see you win…OnPurpose!!