Boundaries are established by God to keep his children on the track He has planned and purposed. Obeying God’s commands serves beneficial to believers as we aim to stay within the established boundaries marked out for optimal spiritual and physical development.
When one deliberately steps outside of God’s established boundaries and loving covering, consequences are sure to follow. Don’t misunderstand God’s boundaries in your life as punishment or isolation. Boundaries are not negative but positive reassurances that God wants the best for us as it relates to position, protection, favor and blessings.

Some believers at one time or another might have experienced someone or something intentionally seeking to distract and allure them to come up from underneath God’s loving covering and boundaries only to find disaster on the other side. God knows what you need before you ask him and he has purposed you to fulfill his divine will. God’s love protects you and looks out for your best interest despite your feelings, emotions and circumstance. God’s love is perfecting all that which concerns you.

God has established loving boundaries for us to follow as it relates to: friendships, business agreements, conversations, marriage, associations, relationships, work, teaching, discipline, when someone does you wrong, your actions, your thoughts and so much more. We as believers are to spend time in God’s word and prayer as the Holy Spirit reveals deep truths to us regarding God’s covering and loving boundaries.

The loving boundaries God has established in your life are not to limit or punish you but to bless and reward you. We are called to listen and obediently pay attention to God’s commands to love him and serve him with all of our heart, soul, choices, thoughts and our whole being. (Deuteronomy 11:13). There is blessing in obedience. When you obey God and respect his love for you, you are really showing and telling God that you love him.

Don’t mistake God’s commandments, boundaries and covering as limitations in your life but receive them as his love for blessing and prospering you.

God comes through in loving you.

Prayer: God, I ask for forgiveness in classifying your commandments, boundaries and covering as negative limitations in my life. I know now that your love forever encompasses me. Thank you for your commands that are established to protect me when I follow them. I choose to obey you, LORD. In Jesus’ name, AMEN.




The Lord is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.
Psalms 145 ESV

Need a lift today? Let the Bible tell you just how wonderful your God is. Here are just four of his marvelous characteristics: “The LORD is gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and rich in love” (Psalm 145:8).
The Lord is gracious: Sometimes you don’t generate very wonderful, cozy, cuddly feelings in other people’s hearts, least of all in God’s. Still, God treats you better than you deserve. He has decided to love you, regardless of your past. That’s what grace is.
The Lord is compassionate: God suffers with you. When politicians say they feel your pain, they don’t even know who you are. But God feels your pain, knows who you are, and does things to help you because your pain is now personal to him through Christ. 
The Lord is slow to anger: Aren’t you glad Scripture doesn’t say, “God, you have a hair-trigger temper”? Or, “You never forget when I mess up”? Or, “You keep accurate, detailed records of all my debts”? Don’t you love it when God is patient with you and cuts you some slack?
The Lord is rich in love: He isn’t stingy with you. He gave everything he had–his one and only Son–to buy you the forgiveness you could never earn or deserve. If he didn’t withhold his dearest treasure, he will surely give you the littler things as well.

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