It’s easy to get overwhelmed with all the change that is necessary to become like God. It seems like such a long road home. But I want to help you see something – you’ve been changing your whole life.

You might say, yeah that’s the problem. I have been slowly getting worse my whole life. Well, that may be true in some areas? But, you have been making progress in other areas.

It’s so easy to think negatively about progress and growth. This is largely why we could be adverse to change. But there are many things that have already changed. Let’s start with the basics. Are you still crawling, or have you changed? Are you still eating baby food, or have you changed? Are you still in baby clothes, or have you changed? If you’re reading this devotional by yourself, you’ve most definitely changed!

Whilst you may not be all you need to be, thank God you’re not what you used to be. If you’re less bad, less negative, less selfish, or less anything – you’ve changed.

I know you have a long way to go, we all do. But you’ve been changing your whole life. So, keep changing. Become all God has destined you to be!

What would others say are the biggest or most obvious changes in my life? (Maybe ask people)
Knowing I have been changing my whole life, how does that inspire me to change today?

God, You have been with me my whole life. Even when I was far away from You, You were near to me. Calling me and drawing me to Yourself. You have been watching me change, for better and worse, and You know I can keep changing. I want to change and become more like You.


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