It should not surprise us that we are meant to become like God because in the beginning we were made in His likeness. We were created in the image of God. Sin changed all that. We have fallen so far from grace. But now God is bringing us back through Jesus Christ.

Becoming like God will obviously involve change, and sometimes that change is painful or difficult. Some of us have more changing to do than others. But don’t forget, humans have been far away from God for a long time, and that distance (away from God) has caused all the harm and pain we humans experience. There is no true pleasure in living far away from God.

God has made instant access available through Jesus. Relationship with God is not like confession once a month, where you save up all your sins to say sorry, waiting for the priest to pardon you and give you confidence that God accepts you. God already accepts you through Jesus.

The moment I behave in a way that is not God-like, that’s the moment I can come back to God and say sorry, be forgiven and remain close in His presence.

Becoming like God is a daily walk of intimacy with the help of His Spirit.

When was the last time I asked God for His help?
How much have I changed to become like God in the last few months?

Father, thank you that I can come straight to You to talk about my struggles. I don’t have to wait and I don’t have to go through any other person. Help me become more like You and show me where I can change, no matter small it is. Amen.


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