Your Word

When your One Word comes to you, it may come in the form of a character trait, a discipline, a person, a spiritual focus, an attribute or a value. The following examples of possible words are not meant to be a particular list from which to choose, but rather a starting point of ideas: love, joy, patience, kindness, rest, prayer, health, train, flexible, devotion, intimacy, discipline, commitment, bold, positive, green, inspire, finish, purity, integrity and strong.

Living out your word will keep you focused and prevent you from being distracted. We see the impact of Nehemiah being focused when he was building the wall. In Nehemiah 6:3, he did not come down from his work, because he was doing the one thing he committed to do—build the wall! And he was doing a great work. Remember, when you live your word, you are doing a great work.

Step outside your comfort zone.

The process is exhilarating, but it will also prove to be challenging. You’ll face obstacles you didn’t anticipate. You will be stretched—we promise. But we often learn the most when we step out of our comfort zone, so stay the course.

It’s essential to remember and focus on your word throughout the year. If your word is not at the top of your mind, it will be forgotten.

Keep your One Word front and center.

Through years of trial and error, we’ve discovered simple and powerful ways to keep your One Word front and center throughout the year.

First, post your word in prominent places so you see it on a regular basis. What gets your attention gets your focus; what gets your focus gets done. Creating reminders is important. Write it down and post it in prominent places, such as your school locker, in your car, on your desk or in your locker room.

Second, share your word with your Stretch Team—that inner circle of friends, teammates and family most important to you and whom you trust without hesitation. We call it your Stretch Team, because it consists of the people who stretch you and help you grow. Give them permission to ask you about your word.

When you do these two simple things—post your word prominently and share it with others—you ensure your growth. You will experience highs and lows, but they are all part of the process. As you live out your word, let God use the simplicity of your One Word theme to revolutionize your everyday life.

1. What is one thing you can do to remember your One Word?
2. List three people in your inner circle who you will share your word with.
3. How can you live your One Word as a family, business, team?

Nehemiah 6, Acts 4:16-20, Colossians 3:17, 23

“Lord, I pray that you will help me live my word to its fullest this year. Just like Nehemiah, keep me focused on living it and prevent the distractions. And if they do come, give me the courage to stay focused on what You have called me to do. In Jesus’ name, amen.”


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