Pray In Me…

I Love to Hear You Pray

I love to hear your voice in prayer every morning when you awake. It’s one of My favorite parts of the day. When you awake and begin declaring your love for Us, it moves Our heart. When you inquire of Me, it is My pleasure to answer. When you speak to My heart, it is My joy to speak back to yours. I hear your voice even when the hectic pace of life makes it difficult to hear Mine. So keep lifting your voice to Father in prayer. Keep telling Me about your struggles and fears and dreams and victories. I’m listening.


Remind me to begin each day praising Your name and lifting up my petitions to Father’s throne – and help me because I do not know how to pray as I ought. I trust in You to help me touch Father’s heart in prayer.


  • Psalms 63:1
  • Psalms 27:4
  • Psalms 34:15

One thought on “Pray In Me…

  1. I really like this. God inviting me to share and be in relationship with him when I first awake. I seem to wait until I have time reading my Bible and praying, which has been rare. It has become a part of my to do list. Time with God, check. It keeps my relationship with Him in the confines of quiet time and if that doesn’t happen then I have no relationship at all.


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