Your Satisfaction

Sin is incredibly deceptive. Sin always offers something pretty, but it ultimately gives you something ugly.

What are you really after when you engage in sinful activity? Essentially, you are searching for satisfaction. Whatever the sin, you secretly believe that it will satisfy all your longings.

The prodigal son in Luke 15:11-32 was looking for satisfaction, and he thought satisfaction could be found by leaving home and living the life of a playboy. With his inheritance in his pocket, the boy was ready to go. The lights of the city were calling him, promising him everything that he thought he ever wanted!

Unfortunately, the prodigal son was deceived by sin. What he thought would satisfy him actually reduced him to nothing. The boy spent all of his money on “prodigal living,” which is literally, wasted living. And then, after he had lost everything, a famine sent the entire region into a depression and the boy become destitute.

The prodigal son didn’t believe that he was wasting his life when he was spending all his money on prostitutes and parties. He thought he was being satisfied, but he was actually being robbed! God did create you to be satisfied, but this satisfaction comes only from having a relationship with Him. Fortunately, when the deceptively attractive veneer of sin wears off and a person is left broken and destitute, God will always be waiting to pick His children up into His embrace and show them true satisfaction.

Prayer for the day:

Thank God for showing you grace when you sought satisfaction in things other than Him. Pray that you will delight in the only true satisfaction that comes from belonging to your Creator.


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