What about YOU?

Am I Taking Risks?

Goliath held the Israelites in bondage for 40 days. I am sure they prayed for God to remove the giant. But, it wasn’t until David took a risk, walked into the valley, and cut Goliath’s head off that people were set free.

Prayer is a good thing! But, every leader will face a point when we have to put our prayers into action.

On August 10, 1999, I was having lunch at Red Lobster with a mentor and discussing with him that I really felt God was stirring me to do something. He looked at me as I was eating a cheese biscuit and asked, “What would you be willing to attempt for God if you knew you could not fail?”

Without hesitation, I answered, “I would start a church!”

He replied, “You are a coward if you don’t!”

That one-minute dialog ruined my lunch; seriously, I couldn’t eat any more cheese biscuits! I knew he was right. I knew God had told me in 1996 that I would start a church one day. But, I kept making excuses—the first being that I was too young and the second being that I was “praying about it.”

Anyone can see a problem. It takes a leader to examine why the problem is there and decide what to do about it. Leaders deal with problems; they don’t run from them.

Most of the time we want to be like David, but we act like Saul! God put us in positions of leadership to lead. When it comes to leadership, denial leads to disaster.

Leadership means embracing every situation that God sends our way—even the uncomfortable ones. The Lord does not put problems in front of us just so we can “pray them away.” Yes, we have to pray. But we must participate with the Lord as well, by becoming the leader He has called us to be.

What’s Next:

What risk is God calling you to take?
Is there a problem you know you need to deal with, but keep putting off?


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