Your Everyday Personal Growth-Focus Journey

Your Everyday Personal Growth-Focus Journey

Pursuing personal growth-focus is a daily commitment towards change, growth, and betterment. Goal-focus is aimed only at results whereas growth-focus desires greater growth and change for permanence. Goals have their purpose within the growth-focus, but your eyes must be focused on the growth that you can ultimately experience, not the goals only. Goals usually have expiration dates, while personal growth-focus is ongoing and offers a greater purpose to help you become all that you were designed and destined to be and do.

On your personal growth-focus journey, you would be wise to take with you eight traveling companions. You have already been introduced to two of them: truth and grace. These traveling companions are also your life companions. The other six are: perseverance, tenacity, resilience, support, perspective, and endurance.

It is important to remind yourself of the meanings of these words. Perseverance: pushing through produces character. Tenacity: to never give up helps you to become steadfast and immovable. Resilience: when life knocks you down, you bounce back in order to fulfill your life purpose. Support: you were never meant to do life alone and without the encouragement of others. Perspective: it is crucial to know that God can and will work all things out for your good and His glory. Endurance: going the distance, trusting God with your whole heart until His good work is completed in you and through you.


First, choose one growth-focus you would like to work on toward change, growth, and permanence. Here are a few ideas: a healthy lifestyle, emotional well-being, marital intimacy, financial security, spirituality, or leadership growth. Second, list the goals or steps you will take every day to move in the direction of your growth-focus. Third, choose your life companions and integrate them with your daily steps. I wish blessings to your personal, daily growth-focus journey.


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