Your Journey IN the Light

Your Journey IN the Light

It is in the light of His real presence that you will experience His hope, help, healing, strength, wisdom, lasting freedom, and so much more. Understanding the role of darkness makes it even more critical to understand the role of Light in your life. It is in His ever-increasing glory that you will be strong and secure to live your life well and fulfill your role in the kingdom. God has called you into His magnificent and wonderful Light. It is in the light of His presence that the blood of Jesus purifies you of all your sins. Because He is the Light and you live in that light, you can do what pleases the Lord, and live out goodness, righteousness, truth, and fellowship with others in love and unity. It is there that you are to live as a child of light.

In the light of His real presence, let His love define you. It is in His perfect love that He drives all fear out of your life and loves you unconditionally. Receive this love just for you. Then, His perfect love helps you love others with patience, kindness, compassion, and forgiveness, without rudeness, without envy, keeping no record of wrongs, with humility, honor, protection, preservation, trust, and hope; uniting you together with the oneness of Christ.


First, meditate from your “sit place with God” on the beauty and strength that comes from living in the light of His real presence, being loved by Him. Don’t rush this time. Just rest and enjoy the beauty of grace and goodness to you, His Perfect Love for you. Use your journal to process. Second, journal the lies of darkness, replacing them with the truths of the Light. The light of truth will move all darkness out of your life. Third, trust the Holy Spirit to pour out God’s perfect love into your heart, to receive His love for you first, and then for it to overflow so that you can love others deeply from your heart.


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