Your Grief Journey

Your Grief Journey

Grief comes into all of our lives, but is often not acknowledged because our daily lives are driven by so many demands. From your “sit place with God,” it is important to pause, to feel your sadness in your loss as often and as long as you need to. Losses come in many different ways; some you know well like death and divorce. But there are other losses: loss of jobs, promotions, health, childhood, trust, friendships; as well as singleness, being childless, unfulfilled desires, and so many others. Often, letting go of regret, anger, and guilt-filled thoughts and/or images is necessary so that you might hold on to joyful memories and God’s healing words of hope to you.

God promises to show mercy and comfort, restore your soul, strengthen, help, and hold you up with His strong, loving right arm of grace. As difficult as it might be to comprehend, God says He will bring joy alongside your sadness. This is needed so that sadness does not overtake you in your deep loss. God will not leave you on your own or alone in your loss. He promises He will turn your grief into joy! Only God can do this and He promises He will! Trust Him to make good on His promises to you. That includes trusting His timing. It may be difficult, but choose to give thanks for His help, grace, and comfort on your grief journey. Remember, there is no formula or timetable.


First, feel your sadness. Journal your thoughts and feelings of your loss in your “sit place with God.” Sit as long as you need to in the real presence of Jesus to receive all of the mercies, comfort, and compassion you need as you feel your sadness. Don’t rush this time. It is just you and Him. Second, let go in the stream of God all of your thoughts and images of anger, guilt, or regret. See with the eyes of your heart all of them being carried out to sea by God. You may have to do this more than once, but remember this is a journey. Third, hold onto your joyful memories and the healing words God speaks to you. Always welcome the joy of God’s presence and those that love you on your grief journey.


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