ā€‹The truth is that there are some people who do not want to see you happy. They do not want to see you joyful, and some will do everything they can to move you from a place of thankfulness and joy to a place of misery. However, please do not allow those individuals to keep you from enjoying the life that God has granted you. Instead of being angry, frustrated, and holding resentment because of the things they may do or say, pray for them. In some cases, many of them are going through difficult times, and they do not know how to cope. Thus, they may take their frustrations out on others in various ways. Yes, pray for them. Continue to possess the Christ-like love that you should have for all people. Be an example to them, but enjoy your life! What they may not realize is that you have been through your fair share of storms also, but God brought you through them. What’s more is that He will continue to see you through every trial and every hardship you may experience in the future – just keep Him first. 
Again, ENJOY YOUR LIFE. Enjoy your blessings. Most importantly, enjoy and delight in the beautiful relationship that you have with the Lord. (Now, THAT is a blessing.) Be thankful for everything He has granted you, and remember that there are people who enjoy seeing you happy, blessed, content, and joyful also! 
Enjoy your evening, and may the Lord bless each of you with a calm, sweet, beautiful sleep tonight, in Jesus’ name. (Good night my sisters and brothers.)
– Positivity Inspires

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