When God speaks, it’s as good as done. No matter how long it takes. His Word is power, and his promises will be fulfilled. That’s why we have to remind ourselves that God’s promises to us don’t depend upon our behavior but rather on his faithfulness!

We could save ourselves a lot of emotional turmoil and heartache if we would just stop fighting in the realm of the physical—meaning, fighting against the obstacles of what we see or don’t see—and instead started fighting in the realm of the spiritual by speaking what God sees. That’s what makes us happy.

Happiness is not only in the fulfillment of the promise; happiness is cultivated in the confirming of God’s Word within our hearts, minds, and words.

Growing our faith is actually more important to God than finally obtaining his promises for us. Why? Because it’s our faith that pleases God and shows him that we trust him. It’s our faith that eventually leads us into God’s purposes for our lives. God’s purpose for Abraham was to become the father of a nation. A nation of people who would declare the God of Abraham their God and produce generations of faithful servants to the Lord.

And it all began with the promised son whose name meant laughter. After all, our faith in God is the root from which our happiness grows.

God loves to give his children promises that we can hold on to, be expectant about, and grow our faith through. As important as God’s wonderful promises are for our lives, however, God uses the process of waiting for the promise to unveil his purpose.

What is the purpose God wants you to learn as you wait for your special promises? It is in the purpose where we see God working in us from the inside out, as in transforming areas of our hearts and character to better reflect his. Maybe God is teaching you how to have patience or peace. Take a moment to consider the lessons he has already taught you and the ones you are in the process of learning.


Read through the story of Abraham and Sarah beginning in Genesis 15, and encourage yourself by remembering that God has a set time for everything.


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