While disobedience lures us away from the presence of God, obedience draws us into the presence of God. When we seek him, we can expect the Spirit of God to guide us in the direction we need to take in life. Just as signposts on roadways are for our safety and protection, so, too, is adhering to the Word of God within our lives.

We have to stop telling ourselves that the Bible is merely a book of “dos and don’ts.” The Bible is God’s love story to his children with guideposts for us to follow that were established for our benefit: to help us, protect us, guide us, and keep us within the heart of his love for us.

The more we gain an understanding of God’s love for us, the more our choices will become less self-centered and more God-centered. We have to tell ourselves that our disobedience not only hurts us but, more important, hurts God. And none of us desire to hurt those we love. Hence, a greater understanding of the scripture, “If you love me, then you will obey my commandments” (John 14:15).

When it comes to obeying the Lord, we’ve got to do it right away. We’ve got to do it God’s way. And we’ve got to do it with a heart that reveals to him how much we love him. And when the struggle gets the best of us, we’ve got to shake it off and remember to tell ourselves that it’s not so much about the mess-up as much as it is the getting back up.

What are those personal areas in your life that you know go against God’s heart for you? We all struggle with something and are tempted to go against the heart and Word of God every day. Rather than trying to hide your issue, go to God and ask him to help you with it.


1. Recall how God has shown his extravagant love for you in the past. Let that encourage you to choose God over the sin.

2. Connect with a friend and ask them to be your accountability partner specifically to address the temptation you encounter over and over. Accountability is the key. We all have the tendency to hide when we know we’re living outside the heart of God.


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