Trust. We can get so sidetracked by our own perspectives of how things should be that when life doesn’t turn out exactly that way, we lose sight of what God is doing, how he’s fulfilling his promises to us. And so we end up unhappy. But we don’t have to stay in that place.

One way to talk ourselves happy is to readjust our conversations by not talking about the failures of man and instead talking about the faithfulness of God. If God said it, he’s going to do it, but we need to ask ourselves honestly if God said it in the first place. I can’t tell you how many times I set my mind on something, begged God to make it happen, and then ended up wallowing in a cloud of disappointment because what I expected didn’t happen.

As believers, sometimes we get into the habit of placing expectations on God that he never agreed to. Then when we don’t get what we want, we blame him, telling ourselves that God let us down. When we feed that mind-set by speaking that lie to ourselves and to others, it’s as if we are creating a strike against God’s trustworthiness. That’s why we need the Word of God to counteract the lies of the enemy and the lies we tell ourselves. We must pursue the truth, because the truth not only sets us free, it ushers us into a place of happiness.

God shows himself to us. Not only through his Word, but through the evidence of his Word that is alive, active, and unmistakably present in our lives. Every time he shows us that he’s trustworthy, we need to encourage ourselves with that evidence by talking about it!

What are some of the things God has done in your life that confirm who God is to you? No matter how small or seemingly insignificant, use those moments to encourage yourself in the difficult seasons when your faith takes a nose dive.


1. Make a conscious effort to silence the lies of the enemy about God’s trustworthiness with the truth of what you know about God.

2. Go to one of your partners in Christ and ask that person to keep you accountable for your words: the words you’re speaking and also whose words you are believing.


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