As you embark on this journey, there are a few things you should avoid if you desire to seek out who you really are. You see, the enemy doesn’t want you to embrace who you really are. He would much prefer you wear the labels that hold you back from being all that God desires for you and he’ll certainly do his part to make sure that doesn’t happen.

Here are 3 “do not’s” for your identity journey:

1. Don’t Get Sidetracked. Again, the enemy would like nothing more than to deter you on this journey. Discouragement, hopelessness, and frustration may pop up on your journey, and if you’re not steadfast, he will use these bumps in the road to deter you from your identity destination. When you experience these moments, don’t get sidetracked but instead hold firm to the course and be determined to see the journey through.

2. Don’t Compromise. You’ll be tempted to take a shortcut or rush through any process that confronts the past or the pain. It’s easier to compromise but it’s certainly not worth it; any good thing requires some grit to see it through. Stay true to the new creation that you are. Remember, the old has gone and the new has come! Don’t be a slave to sin, which compromise tends to divert to.

3. Don’t Let Someone Else Tell You Who You Are. Jacob allowed Rebekah to speak into who he should have been even if it didn’t match. Chances are there are people in your life who want to speak into who you should be or the direction you should take. It might even seem harmless or good-natured in the moment, but if it doesn’t fit you, then don’t do it.

Maybe your parents want you to go to the same college they went to but it’s not a good match for your future. Perhaps you’re being pegged for a new role at work and although you’ve done excellent in your current position, you know that this new role isn’t a fit for your talents and dreams. Whatever it may be, don’t be so willing to do what others say you should do.

Romans 6:6 is a powerful reminder that we are a new creation and to stay the path, not revisiting or returning to our former way of life. Stay the course and you’ll find your identity!


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