A Purpose

Although this process may seem slow, especially if you’re in the middle of it, it will be worth it. Reflecting on Ruth again, she sure knew what long-suffering felt like. She could have given up at some many “bumps” in the road, but she didn’t. She persevered and experience grace, restoration, and healing. In the process, God was working out her purpose and on the other side, she experienced such incredible blessing!

Ruth was not too far gone and neither are you. Broken can be restored. Sorrow can turn into joy. Empty can be filled. Worthless can be valued. Not good enough can be desired. Ashamed can fade and confidence can arise.

God has a plan for you regardless of your past choices, upbringing, culture, treatment, and projected image of who you are. Because God sees His child when He looks at you and sees someone of immense value. With value comes purpose. Isaiah 61:3 paints a beautiful picture that God wants to give you a crown of beauty for ashes. To take the brokenness of your past and use it for something glorious.

Furthermore, your dreams matter to Him! He has put something inside of you, a seed of sorts, that He wants to nurture through your pain and long-suffering and birth at a very specific time. Ruth married a godly man and conceived a son, who was the grandfather of King David, who would lead to the King of Kings!

There is nothing more valuable in this Universe to God than you. He sent His Son to die in your place and claim the victory over sin so that you would no longer have to live in bondage to your past. Step into what He has done and is doing in your life and live the purpose you are called to live.


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