Do not fret over “frenemies.” Allow God to make your enemies your footstool.

A footstool is used for two main reasons: to prop your feet up or to help you reach what you cannot get with your natural height. Allow God to let people who plot evil against you help you get to your next level. Without Judas, Jesus could not have gotten to the cross.

While you are in the twilight of your next level or transitioning into it, that footstool will be there for you to prop your feet on if you understand its purpose. There is no promotion without persecution and no testimony without a test.

Praise God for the footstools in your life. These frenemies may think they are slick, but God is the one laughing. Selah.

Today, declare …
There is no promotion without persecution. Lord, I praise You for making my enemies my footstool.


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