A Past

I’ve been to the bottom, looking up to find some glimmer of hope. Broken, beaten, ashamed, and confused, reeling from the mistakes I’ve made that brought me to such a low point. I’ve been there even after dedicating my life to Christ. Maybe you have too. In fact, I bet most reading this can relate to such a place.

You lost all your money from a gambling addiction and now face bankruptcy. You skimmed a bit of money off the top at work and now people are noticing. You entered into an emotional affair with someone from your past while married. The stories and circumstances are endless, but you are not.

Having been lifted out of the grim, wiped clean, and given new hope, I know it’s possible. And after experiencing what I have, I know it’s possible for anyone.

When I think of someone who hit a point where all hope was lost I think of Ruth. She was from a corrupted and sinful country where people were considered too far to ever be accepted by God. She lost her husband before conceiving a child, which in that time was considered a very unfavorable situation. She would travel to an unknown land where she knew no one but her bitter mother-in-law and although she pursued righteousness, she made her fair share of mistakes.

The great thing about Ruth’s story is that it didn’t end in the midst of her trial. We have the fortunate advantage to look at her story from a thirty thousand foot perspective and see the fingerprints of God all over her life. One day we too will see them on our own life and that’s hope for today!

God sent His only Son to Earth to pay the price for our sin and bondage, setting us free and allowing us to enter into the family of God as heirs. A new start is possible and a fresh hope is available to you regardless of your past. There is a journey involved and we will take a look at that journey over the next few days.



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