The overcoming life is obviously one that is lived in Christ; every day we have to remind ourselves by saying it out loud so we can hear ourselves, “Today, my life is lived in Christ.” There are two weapons in our possession to overcome; the first weapon is the blood of the lamb and it establishes who we belong to. The blood of the lamb marks us as his chosen and sets us apart as God’s children. It not only sets us apart but protects us as well. We cannot truly live everyday life victoriously without grasping the truth about the blood of the lamb. Jesus Christ’s shed blood was the price that was paid for our freedom. And this is the reason we are able to stand in God’s presence unafraid and also enjoy all his blessings. It is the blood of the lamb that justifies us or acquits us from a guilty verdict and allows us right standing with God.

The second weapon granted to the believer is the spoken word. Our testimony of the goodness of God in spite of hopeless situations and circumstances are like poison to the enemy, because he always banks on us taking the natural response when we face troubles by confessing what we see. It puts him in a state of chaos when a believer can maintain confidence in God and keep expressing that confidence verbally. The only way the enemy is allowed to gain strength over us is when we stay quiet and don’t engage our mouths with the promises of God and the testimony of our past deliverance.

Power Thought: Even though I may have trials and tribulations in everyday life, I am assured that Jesus Christ overcame the world for me.


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