Let’s talk about death for a moment; it is not a topic that many of us like to discuss because it brings with it loss, pain, grief, loneliness, depression, and even ugliness. Yet we as believers do not understand that many of the scenarios we are facing daily are a result of the thoughts we are releasing through our words.

God created us to be life giving and creative, but at the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, death entered, and since then creation is going through the process of death. We cannot create anything out of chaos if we don’t have the source of life, which is the life of Christ flowing in and through us. I urge you, please don’t be disillusioned by what you see prospering in the world, my friends, because if it doesn’t have its source in Christ, it will not last, and, of course, the end result will be death.

When all you can see in lack, sickness, poverty, and shortage, how is it possible to speak anything else? That is why the Apostle Paul urges us to fight the good fight of faith. Once we understand that our words are full of power, we will be on the road that starts a progressive journey to the purposeful life.

Our life source will continue to flow once we stay connected to the vine (Jesus Christ).

We must transform the mental images by getting the life-giving word on the inside of us, and then we will be able to believe God is able; and as we speak those power-infused words of God, beyond a shadow of a doubt, we will be able to see manifestations of that spoken word. The world tells us that we must see to believe, but God’s way establishes that believing is seeing.

Power Thoughts: My mouth is the vessel for God’s power words and the avenue by which I will create life.


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