The reason the most powerful key of Bible Meditation is bypassed so often is because many of us think that it is way too simple, and, as a result, we are always reaching for something more complex.

I truly believe we need to get back to the basics where the simple truths of God’s Word become the priority in establishing the believer on their God-purpose.

In order to establish a sound mind we must have a constant, inward flow of the anointed Word of God revolving in our minds and mouths.

To meditate means to ponder and think about and then mutter under your breath or in low tones.

Example of Bible Meditation:

Psalms 23:1 AMP

The Lord is my Shepherd [to feed, guide, and shield me], I shall not lack.

Q: What is this verse saying?

A: The Lord is my Shepherd.

Q: Who is the Lord?

A: Jesus Christ is my Lord and he is the Creator of this universe – He holds it in his hands; not only that, but he left his home on high and came to this earth and paid the price for me to be accepted by God the Father – he is Lord.

Q: What does a shepherd do?

A: A shepherd leads and is responsible for his sheep; therefore, he has to walk them, guide them, look over them, feed them, and protect them from danger.

Summary: The creator of this universe, who holds everything in place, is also the one responsible to walk, look over, provide, and protect me, and because he is my shepherd I shall not lack in any area.

Now that you have a set Scripture before you; you have thought about it and have some answers to dwell on. God knows that you live and go about your daily lives, but now, because you have equipped your mind with the Word of God, as you leave the house to go to work you have some time on your hands in the transportation process. And while you are pondering and thinking, you can speak to yourself by asking the same questions you asked earlier and answering them the same way. As your day progresses, you will have lunch or tea break and, again, it is an opportunity to meditate.

Power Thought: I am determined to make Bible meditation a priority in my daily walk.

I lack NOTHING…OnPurpose!!


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