Meditation on God’s Word is the foundation to a successful life. Our main focus and pursuit must be the Word of God. The main reason our lives should revolve around the Word of God is because the Word is actually our life source that feeds us, nourishes us, and causes us to be healthy in our soul.

There should be no doubts in our minds that the Word of God is Jesus Christ, and that is why our focus is on the Word. When we read the Word of God we see Jesus in it, and when we see Him we are able to see the pattern for our lives. In order for our God-purpose to come to fruition, we must be able to maintain the mind of Christ, and as his mind is formed in us we would then be fully able to manifest his presence to the world.

A constant input of the Word himself – a constant looking to Jesus and his kindness, goodness, love, and mercy toward us – will keep us in a balanced and humble place, and this place is actually where we will be able to release the life-giving Word to others that will affect change.

My friends, there is no other way to be reconstructed, renewed, or transformed but by and through the Word of God. The Word of God gives life. According to John 10:10; Our Savior is life giving, and once we are connected to him, that very same life should be flowing to us and through us to others.

I love the fact that Jesus did not come to just give life for existence sake, but he describes it as abundant life, an overflowing life, a more than enough life, and this kind of life shows and speaks volumes to the world that he is alive and well.

Power Thought: Jesus is the Word of God and I look to him to be transformed.

Trusting God…OnPurpose!!


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