“What is our God-purpose?”

We have all been equipped with certain gifts and talents by God to accomplish our purpose, and it all leads to one specific end, and that is to be a witness for him. Every one of us was created to be a witness for Jesus.

It does not mean that once we become a Christian that we have to leave our jobs and families and go off on some mission to a country to help the poor. While helping poor people should be our concern and considering the experience of a mission trip in the future could prove beneficial to our world view of poverty. God does not expect us to leave life as we know it unless there is a specific call on our lives for missions. But his purpose is for us to use the platform we have been given through our talents and gifting to be a witness right where we are. So it doesn’t matter what field we may be in, the fact is, this specific field now transforms into a witnessing field.

The idea is that while we are operating in our purpose in life we are fulfilling the God purpose, by using our natural talents, such as leadership skills, artistic skills, compassion, kindness, and even encouragement to glorify God and lead others to him.

As believers we need to have a revelation that this time on earth is only as it suggests- for a time, and then there is life after, but while here, God wants us to be good stewards of time!

Power Thought: My ultimate God-purpose is to be a witness for God. Acts 1:8

A Witness for God…OnPurpose!


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