“God does not create anything insignificant, inferior, or without a purpose.”

In the Christian circle, purpose is a word that is used frequently, yet to me it was just a word. However, if we are to get where we are going in this life, purpose is the defining factor to the end result. On my new venture with my heavenly father, I began to get the clarity necessary for a successful journey and slowly realized the whole point of getting saved was not just to secure a spot in heaven when the Lord returns, but more so that I would be a living testimony for Jesus Christ.

Life is more than just passing through to get to a better place; even though that will be the end result, we have to believe that life is much more, and that the reason we were put on the earth is not to do time or to buy time but accomplish something with the time we have been given. We have to arrive at a place in our lives where we are convinced beyond the shadow of a doubt that we have been created on purpose for purpose!

“On purpose” means intentional or deliberate. God’s plan for creating us was intentional and deliberate, and there had to be a process of planning which would have crystallized the details for the finished product. My friends, I want to make this statement a personal one as you say it out loud so you can hear yourself, “I am created on purpose for purpose!”

Power Thought: I don’t just have a purpose, but I have a God-purpose. Gen. 1:26-28

Being Michelle…OnPurpose!


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