The most beautiful people you know have experienced deep pain. When gold or silver is being refined, the metals are heated to an intensely high temperature and the impurities are sloughed off, leaving only pure metal behind. When extreme pressure is applied to coal for a long period of time, it becomes a diamond. In the same way, when we walk through fire or pressure, what’s left is breathtaking and beautiful.

People who have grown in God through intense suffering become a blessing to everyone they encounter. They fill a room with a sweet fragrance similar to Mary’s perfume from her alabaster box. They radiate a joy and strength that seems unshakable and is founded on truth rather than circumstance. They have a deep peace, they’re secure in who they are, and they love people well. The refining fire of suffering has removed the impurities that kept them from fully radiating God’s love. God transforms deep pain into deep beauty.

Refined by fire…OnPurpose!!!


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