How can we know if we are living our calling? Read one or more of the following accounts of Scripture to discover how Joseph, Moses, Nehemiah, Esther, Jonah and Jesus received their callings from God.

From these passages, you will see that God often uses other people to communicate with us about our call. Events or circumstances are used to guide us in the discovery of our purpose. Our preparation may guide us toward our designated purpose at a particular time. Timing may also include the combination of several factors coming together for the fulfillment of God’s purposes. For example:

• People – God used Mordecai to communicate his call to Esther.

• Significant Events – God used the Burning Bush to get Moses’ attention.

• Preparation – Joseph’s gifts were revealed after months of imprisonment.

• Timing – Nehemiah prayed, fasted and reflected 4 months (Kislev to Nisan) before communicating with the King about his calling.

Answer the CALL…OnPurpose!!


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