“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might…”  Ecclesiastes 9:10, NIV

Are you being a blessing and living a productive life where you are today? Are you doing everything to the best of your ability? I know a lot of times we think, “As soon as I get a better job, then I´ll start working hard.” “As soon as I get over this sickness, then I´ll cheer up, then I´ll have a better attitude.” Or “As soon as my significant other changes, I´ll start working harder at my relationship.”

But really, God says here that he wants us to do everything with all of our might, no matter what the circumstances are. He wants us to become more productive today! I believe he wants us to have a good attitude and do the right thing even when the wrong thing is happening to us.

See, we have to be faithful in the wilderness if we´re ever going to make it into our Promised Land. Remember, God is keeping the records. If you´ll keep doing the right thing with all your might, in spite of your situation and circumstances, then you are sowing a seed for God to bring you up higher and also open the way for Him to bless you real good.

Comfort me with Your love O God
Wrap me up in Your strong embrace
Shelter me from the storm O Lord
Envelop me in Your tender care
By day I pour out my heartbreak to You
By night I give you my racing thoughts
In You I take refuge
In You I will not be afraid
For you hold me strong, You hold me safe
Calm my fearful heart O God
Still my anxious mind O Lord
For all my life is found in You
All my being is given to You
All my hope begins in You


Do It…OnPurpose!!


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