It’s a 6, not it’s not, it’s a 9…it’s both!

​#Perception is powerful! Our actions are determined by how we #perceive things; what we think, hear or see. Yet, our perception of events, words, and expecially people can be entirely wrong. Why?

Because through the senses (see hear, taste smell, feel);  there is potential for error. 

Until our mind is completely #renewed our perception has potential for distortion.

Rom 12:2: And do not be #conformed to this world, but be #transformed by the #renewing of your #mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of #God.

Just for fun…when a disagreement comes up in the next 7 days, try leading yourself to the other side of the situation – You might find that they are not wrong – they are just in a different place than YOU!  You are not wrong, you’re in a different place than THEM! 

#LeadByExample #Intentional  #InfluenceOnPurpose #BeOpen #WhatsYourAim #PowerToChange #MentorMe

Being Michelle…OnPurpose♡


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