To Do List: Twenty things to start doing right now

Ephesians 6:7-8 ~ 7 Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.  8 Remember that the Lord will reward each one of us for the good we do, whether we are slaves or free.Untitled-1

I found this list from a few years ago when I had a Mary Kay Unit and thought it would be great to ignite the passion in me and possibly YOU!

  1. Be enthusiastic.
  2. Think big. Act on big and small opportunities alike.
  3. Learn to translate aspirations, needs and vision of the broader organization into tangible results you can deliver or facilitate.
  4. Discover aspirations, needs, and vision even if they’re not explicitly stated. See it before everyone else does.
  5. Practice corporate entrepreneurship; determine what the right outcomes are without regard to resources you have on hand.
  6. Connect and spend time with key decision makers and strategists within your organization. Ask questions about their plans, needs and aspirations. Listen. Learn.
  7. Organize your work life so that you spend time on what’s important, not what landed on your desk. Delegate in all directions.
  8. Demand that your team members bring you solutions to problems, not the problems themselves. The former motivates and empowers them; the latter are major downers for all involved.
  9. Solicit input of your team members on strategic directions. Even the act itself is motivating, and you will see a high degree of engagement when it’s time to execute the common vision.
  10. Encourage and empower your team member to decide how to go about their work within the guidelines and expectations you define.
  11. Develop the sense of shared meaning within your team.
  12. Communicate with your team members frequently and openly. Always take the time to explain strategic decisions.
  13. Notice and reward “positive deviance” – new practices that yield superior results.
  14. Pose challenging questions to your team. Notice and reward volition to find answers.
  15. Always be on a lookout for innovation in your industry and profession.
  16. Further, be aware that really exciting breakthroughs come from the cross-application of approaches and methods from other realms.
  17. Reward results, not the time, effort and cost expended. Too often, managers believe that their job is to generate action, whereas it is to create results.
  18. Take every opportunity to promote your team within the organization. Share results, lessons learned and new practices. Utilize internal publications, town-hall meetings, newsletters and so on.
  19. Position your team members as ultimate experts within the organization. Set up mentoring and communities of practice around their expertise.
  20. Become industry experts. Take leadership positions in professional bodies. Write in professional publications.

As I read through this list – I could see many biblical principles & scriputes…Can you tag a scripture reference to the ones your recognize?

Pray this prayer with me:

Precious Lord Jesus, I love you.
What is my future, Lord?
What is to become of me?
I have a past steeped in many mistakes and in many kinds of poverty.
In addition, I have had little chance of escaping my past.
Do I have a future of any kind?
Although I ask these questions I already know the answer.
I know, as I am in your arms this minute, my future is bright in your eyes.
I know, as I am in your arms this minute, my past mistakes can be erased, undone, and made to be of no consequence.
No matter what I face in the next hours, days, or years, I know you are with me.
As you assure me you are with me, we shall walk this road together and your strength will be my strength, your vision shall be my vision, your direction shall be my direction, and your wisdom shall be my wisdom.
You are the one who enables me to move beyond my present circumstance.
You are the one who gives me the ability to make progress.
You are the one who comes to visit me when I am in prison.
You are the one who comes to sit next to me and comfort me when I am sick.
You are the one who comes to me when I am lonely and downhearted.
I praise your name with my words.
May my every thought and action also praise your name. In Jesus’ name, AMEN!!

Written by: The “Butterfly”

Being enthusiastic…OnPurpose!



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