Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

2 Corinthians 12:9, (ESV)
But He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may rest upon me. MS Dana

Now – Resting comfortably. Smiling. 😄


I’ve nothing but gratitude for where I am in life, today. I’m living my best and greatest life NOW! Every single day, every single second, minute, and hour. Whether things are up or down, great or disastrous, I’M CHOOSING MY RESPONSE – CHOOSING HOW I AM SHOWING UP, WITH OR WITHOUT… AND CHOOSING TO BE AND STAY GRATEFUL, BECAUSE GOD HAS BEEN SO ~FAITHFUL~ TO ME.

-Exhausted beyond belief, but no complaints and no regrets. Did everything I was meant to do, this week. Spent time with many of my loved ones in both good and not so good settings. Still we count it ~ALL JOY~

I am sooo glad the Lord is my Strength. God has me. He’s my Gentle Friend, my Provider, my Faithful Lord, -He’s my Everything. My mother is my Rock, my Caretaker, my Accountability Partner, my Prayer Partner, and overall – MY BEST FRIEND, and my Beautiful, Kindhearted, and Very Concerned Gurlz are my 2 very courageous Strong Anchors. Feels sooooooooooooo good to be loved, thought of well, supported, and cared for.

Even when I have days/moments I can’t return the favor. It’s just nice to know I’m safe and they really are for me and the improvement of my health. I HAVE THE MOST AWESOME, AND GREATEST MOM/DAUGHTERS IN THE WORLD. I LOOOOOOOOOOVE MY FAMILY!!! ~RELATIONSHIPS MATTER MOST~

Also sending up praises to God who is my Covering. He blessed me to receive the medication which is designed to help me in regaining my ability to walk stably again and maintain balance. Started my treatment, today. Yitideeeeee!!! I thank God for all my doctors, my neurologist, the supportive Bioservices pharmacists/staff, MSLines, MSAA, my nurse and all the MS Ambassadors who have reached out to encourage me through their own stories. -And a whoooooooole host of loved ones who are praying for and rooting for me – believing with me in that TODAY, IN THE NAME OF JESUS, I STAND HEALED. What a wonderful club I have been inducted into. The Faith Walker’s Club. Truly, makes life worth living, seeing, and experiencing EVERYDAY.  I’m taking it all in. ❤️❤️❤️ #noregrets #livingwell #livingwhole #fearlesslyandwonderfullymadeinGod

Soon we’ll be in our NEW BODIES. Looking forward to the Day we see Jesus face to face and kiss Him, fall to our feet, and thank a Him for all He’s been to us, done for us and given us in this life and in our next life – spending eternality with Him and His Father in heaven. Soon we’ll be home with our Lord and Savior. #notofthisworld #sufferwell


Blessings, Dana

A prayer for you: I love you, Lord Jesus.  This physical pain is tearing away at my heart, mind, and soul.  I can’t think straight.  I can’t feel any emotion except depression.  I know you are real but whatever presence you had in my heart isn’t there at the moment.  Although I cannot sense your presence right now, in what little faith I have, I proclaim you as God of the universe and as my Lord and Savior.  In all the power you have, help me put a wall between the pain and what the pain tries to do to my heart, mind, and soul.  In your power of grace and love, help me put a wall between this pain and my depression. In your power of grace and love, help me put a wall between this pain and my lack of motivation and inspiration.  In your power of grace and love, help me put a wall between this pain and my soul aching for your healing hand.  May the evil power causing my pain be forever shielded from me.  May I be able to laugh, live, and be free, even in the dark moments when this pain may try to take me down.  By your power I refuse to lose and let this pain do anything to me.  By your power I refuse to lose to this pain.  By your power I refuse to lose contact with you because of this pain.  By your power I refuse to lose and knuckle under to this pain.  By your power, love, grace, and will, help me see you, Precious Lord Jesus, Precious Father God, Precious Holy Spirit, Precious Blessed Virgin Mary, and your wonderful earthly father Joseph.  As a group, standing all around me, may all of you please place your hands upon me and infuse the healing power of your love into my heart, mind, soul, and body.  All these things I humbly pray in the name of my most Blessed Lord Jesus Christ, my Mighty God, and my Ever-present Holy Spirit upon whom I can rely.  Amen!!

In case you don’t know – Read about MS

Dana is Living with MS…OnPurpose!  You are COVERED by THE BLOOD!!


2 thoughts on “Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

  1. Speechless….
    This is incredibly beautiful. I’ve never experienced so much joy, peace and power all in one setting, before – in what I see as a “tag team” 😀 I feel so refreshed after reading this. I really forgot I wrote the beginning (the top portion) so I kept going “Huh, I wrote this? When?” I struggle with memory loss and it is quite embarrassing. So when I feel the need and the urge to post/blog/comment and share my pix of different miraculous moments I have had with my children and loved ones – I POST THEM IMMEDIATELY.

    Ever since my sister/best friend transitioned to glory, I vowed to NEVER miss another moment. I vowed to see every moment spent with family and friends would be a special moment for me that I’d be grateful to God I did not miss and I was so graciously created to experience with them – on purpose. Moments (whatever way they come to us) are soooooooooooo special, no matter if they are good or bad – they are meant… We can grow from them, learn from them, find positives in them (even if they are bad at the time), we can gain strength and courage from them and so on. There are so many precious jewels God has hidden in every single, simple, little moment in our lives – it’s our job to take notice (no matter how small or great). If we cannot appreciate the small, then we’ll miss the great. If we only rejoice in the good times, then we’ll never learn in our not so good times what God is trying to show and teach us in order to better us.

    We must learn every single second, minute, and hour of our lives – in our day COUNTS for something greater than what we realize or could ever think to imagine. Whatever the situation, God has given us the greatest gift of all – ~LIFE~ (to see and experience it in its fullness – no matter how we feel, no matter what has manifested in our lives/us, no matter who has said what, no matter who has been there for us or has decided to walk away from us – God has designed it that IT ALL WORKS TOGETHER FOR OUR GREAT GOOD. That settles it. We are victorious!

    See it from God’s perspective and choose to ~LIVE WELL~ no matter what.


    Thank you for this WONDERFUL heartfelt, life-giving prayer. Thank you for this surprise post. I loved reading it. It gave me life. All smiles. God’s power is strong in you. 🙂 Keep being a light for the Lord Jesus.
    Much, much love.

    Shalom & many, many blessings.

    Your Sister in Christ Jesus,


    Just when I gave up the dream to become a blogger – God led me to this. What a truly wonderful way to wake up and see something you wrote – finding out it inspired someone’s heart so, that God used them to post it for you to help others get inspired – on purpose.

    “If I can help somebody, as i pass along,
    If I can cheer somebody, with a word or a song,
    If I can show somebody, that he’s traveling wrong,
    Then my living shall not be in vain.” -Mahalia Jackson (R.I.P.)

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