God’s timing…and Obedience!!


The past two weeks have been “different” for me.  I have experienced emotions that I don’t quite understand.  God has moved like a flood in my world, life and relationships.  I am a creature of habit and flow in unconfirmed “OCD” wanting nothing out of order.  About a month ago I was led to a pastor on the East Coast, Jay Patrick – I would read his Facebook post “religiously” – He was on Periscope but I couldn’t see them.  I went out and bought an iPad so I could see his Scopes – My LORD – I was blessed every time I would view…I would share…I was being blessed beyond measure, to GOD be ALL the Glory.  I started to research him…his ministry…his lifestyle – I started to pray for him intentionally.

Too much to unpack here but (long story short) – I am going to the East Coast next month and I am planning to personally go to his church and plant a seed in his ministry.  I was finishing up my prayer time this morning and I had a bit of a heavy heart – and I received a message from one of my sister…Asking how I was and how my week went – I gave a short answer – I’m good.  I asked how she was – and she shared that God was moving mightily in her life..but of course with that comes the one who like to Rob, Steal & Destroy – I laughed as I thought about my “emotional side swiped” incident this past week and I wanted to give her a word of encouragement and I drew a blank…I started to feel my own disappointment of what “pains” are connected with winning and success in CHRIST.  As I lowered my head in shame because I was feeling discouraged…my phone vibrated and I checked it and what I found was THIS message from Pastor Jay Patrick

As a supporter of my ministry, I wanted to strategically pray for you today! I feel led to ask God to give you Supernatural Strategy and Creative Clarity! Lord, give her the ability to see in the spirit so the vision can come to pass. Let her heart be strengthened in every area of doubt and weakness. Place a hedge of protection around her.  Let the haters become congratulators! Prepare a table in the presence of any enemies you have….knowing and unknowingly!  I call your  children and your spouse blessed!!! Lord, don’t let her settle for anything less than your Word. For your Word, shall be performed and established in her life!!! Amen!!! Thank you for your support! Love and Blessings Multiplied!!! – Pastor Jay

I dropped to the floor and WORSHIPED GOD in that very moment…I was so grateful!  I was so overcome with JOY!  I felt a new level of HOPE!

My God is so ever-present and He loves me so much and even when I think He is not paying attention to me…HE COVERS ME with the absolute touch that I need…Right On Time, Every time!!


Praising God…OnPurpose

God bless you Jay Patrick for your ministry and your obedience to the Holy Spirit!

Written By: The “Butterfly” & (message)  Jay Patrick


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